sons of nature lawn care and landscaping services toledo ohio

Spring Services


  • Prune winter-killed branches, cut back spent flowering.
  • Thin out crowded beds by splitting up and transplanting overgrown plants to fill other bare spots.
  • Rake away leaves, trash and debris from landscape beds, base of plants and shrubs, and from the lawn. This will prevent smothering the plants and roots for needed oxygen and sunlight.
  • Rake or till in weed inhibitors to flowerbeds to prevent or control future weed invasions.
  • Rake and loosen compacted soil and mulch in beds to allow for new shoots and bulbs to push through the surface.
  • Evaluate the old mulch for depth and look for any mold. Remove old excessive mulch from beds and around plants or shrubs.
  • Apply fertilizer around bulbs as soon as they begin to flower.
  • Apply soil amendments such as peat moss or mushroom compost in beds as needed.
  • Apply a depth of new mulch for a fresh appearance and to protect plants and roots.
  • Check for compacted soil and thatch in yard. Aerate to punch holes into the lawn for water, oxygen, and for the entrance of Fertilizer treatments. Remove excess thatch if it is more than a half inch thick.
  • Apply crabgrass, dandelion, and other major weed inhibitors through the lawn, before they begin to grow and get out of hand.
  • Spring Leaf Removal
  • Planting (plants, shrubs, and trees)
  • Bush Trimming & Tree Pruning
  • Decorative Stone Application
  • Mulch Applications
sons of nature lawn care and landscaping services toledo ohio