sons of nature lawn care and landscaping services toledo ohio

Our Story

Like many small businesses, we’ve experienced our ups and downs. But through it all, there’s been one thing about us that has remained constant – that is our love & passion for developing lawns our clients will love.

Since 2009, we’ve provided several types of services for many people through the Lucas county and surrounding areas. It’s our passion to provide memorable experiences that are visually stunning and tailored to the needs of our clients. We continue to serve Lucas county and surrounding areas. Learn how we can improve your outdoor environment.

Meet Our CEO

LaShawn Martre is the CEO of Sons of Nature. LaShawn registered Sons of Nature in 2012 but begin his journey many years prior. During childhood years LaShawn mowed lawns, racked leaves, and shoveled snow to generate income for his family and himself. LaShawn found lots of satisfactory within his labors so LaShawn always completed seasons of work requested. At the age of elven LaShawn began to have regular accounts through the south end of Toledo Ohio. But these were not just mowing accounts to LaShawn these were homes of care, these were homes of moms, dads and even senior citizens with other responsibilities such as work, families, and parenting. Therefore, these homes relied on LaShawn to care for their lawn services maintaining schedule, maintaining communication, and providing quality services.

As LaShawn matured he worked for a large lawn company mowing 5 days a week 7am to 7pm learning the ins and outs of owning a lawn company because LaShawn know his love for lawn and landscaping would continue to grow. Over the Years LaShawn has completed agricultural educational classes, Completed Lathrop construction management courses, LaShawn has also received certificates of appreciation on behalf of the City of Toledo, Lucas County Land Bank and other organizations. With all of this said LaShawn has truly driven Sons of Nature from a business into a company developing many relationships throughout Ohio and surrounding areas.

LaShawn believes every experience should be an experience of world class. Totally understanding what our client’s expectations and having the means to go beyond expected. Treating every business relationship as if it’s our first and using every bit of material as if it’s our last.

sons of nature lawn care and landscaping services toledo ohio


Due to our years of experience, we’ve obtained substantial relations with suppliers and manufacturers in our industry of business. Gaining assess to the best products and equipment helps us to provide excellent service. We also perform in houses research to gather ideas and information on new technology.